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{Adorable} Hair Ties that double up as wristbands has become the latest fashion craze


Hair ties that are gentle on hair, won't snag or pull, and most importantly, make you LOOK GOOD! 

{Adorable}, a leading designer of hair accessories is excited to launch their new line of stylish, yet affordable, hair ties. Designed in the UK and handmade with imported fabrics, these hair ties are super gentle on the hair, and come in over 114 variety of styles. They also double up as fancy bracelets, making them perfect for any occasion.

These hair ties make the perfect gift. They can match any outfit and make people look elegant and stylish. They are also great for collecting and give to friends as friendship bracelets.  That could be why a number of styles are already in high demand, including Alexis, Cosmopolitan, and Celeste.

They also have expanded their range of products in Headbands, Rabbit Ears Scrunchie, Hair Ties with Key Ring and a limited edition Gift range. With so many styles to choose from, there is something for everyone at Adorable HQ.

Other styles include Seashell Blue, Charlotte and Shimmer prints with more styles to be released in the coming weeks at their London tradeshows in Spring 2016.

The ends of {Adorable} hair ties are specially heat sealed, which prevents fraying and gives them a more polished look. They are available from only £5 and can be shipped for FREE within the UK. They also introduced Worldwide shipping to fans across the globe.

They design cute, fun fashion hair ties in a variety of prints, colours and finishes. The {Adorable} range will make the perfect gift item with all products under £10 for the holidays and year round.

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